KG Graduate Profile

Thinker - AHIS Graduate Profile


We think great ideas through and make sensible decisions!

Principled - KG Graduate Profile


We act with integrity and honesty and are always fair!

Inquirer - KG Graduate Profile


We ask questions, research ideas and try to be independent!

Knowledgable KG Graduate Profile


We seek and share ideas, information and experiences to understand our changing world!

Open minded - KG Graduate Profile


We understand that we are all different and grow from new experiences!

Reflective KG Graduate Profile


We understand our strengths and weaknesses and decide how best to move forward!


We use different languages to express ideas and listen to others!

Balanced KG Graduate Profile


We take good care of our minds and bodies to be happy and healthy!

Risk Taker KG Graduate Profile

Risk Taker

We believe in ourselves and look at new ideas with enthusiasm!

Caring KG Graduate Profile


We are friendly, kind and thoughtful towards everyone and everything!

Growing up has just begun.. Now I am ready for grade one!

Elementary Graduate Profile

AHIS Elementary Graduate Profile


We are determined because we really want to do something good!

AHIS Elementary Graduate Profile


We show certainty and trust in ourselves and our abilities

AHIS Elementary Graduate Profile


We are involved in leadership roles and decision making!

AHIS Elementary Graduate Profile

Problem Solvers

We think outside the box to achieve a specific solution!

AHIS Elementary Graduate Profile

Life-Long Learners

We develop and improve our knowledge and skills needed for personal fulfillment!

AHIS Elementary Graduate Profile


We hold ourselves accountable!

AHIS Elementary Graduate Profile


We are success driven and we share a desire to achieve a great end!

AHIS Elementary Graduate Profile

Analytical Thinker

We want to know what holds the world together deep down inside!

AHIS Elementary Graduate Profile

Critical Thinker

We use our mind creatively to make clear and reasoned judgments!

AHIS Elementary Graduate Profile


We are friendly, kind and thoughtful towards everyone!

AHIS Elementary Graduate Profile


We show consideration and regard for everyone and everything!

Technology Wiser

We show the ability to make good and safe judgments, based on a deep understanding and experience of technology!

Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements, grade one!

Middle & High School Graduate Profile

Possess the ability and willingness to learn new subjects and skills

Competent in the application of the skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking in both languages Arabic and English

Exhibit creative ways to achieve their goals and ambitions

Have well-rounded personalities with healthy social skills through dealing with various types of nationalities

Able to find and access information efficiently and effectively

Demonstrate self confidence and responsibility for their actions

Exhibit characteristics of leadership and accountability locally and globally

Demonstrates an active desire to learn and understand the world

Able to solve problems and think critically

Value the importance of developing their country by partaking in society

Understand the importance of pursuing higher education and work towards the highest levels of achievements

Can live successfully in a multicultural, global society by exercising tolerance, understanding and open mindedness, exemplified in core value programs at the school

Let Al Hekma lead you to success!