AHIS Gifted & Talented Programs

AHIS is committed to the belief that gifted and talented students require guidance in discovering, challenging, and realizing their potential.

Under this philosophy it becomes the responsibility of the entire staff, in partnership with parents and the school system, to meet the needs of gifted and talented students. Gifted and Talented students possess intellectual capacity, rate of learning, and potential for creative contributions demand experiences apart from but connected to, the regular classroom. Therefore, our GT program constantly seeks innovative ways to engage gifted and talented students in education by establishing venues for students to develop research and problem-solving skills, create products, serve others, and showcase accomplishments. Every attempt is made to ensure that students utilize their skills maximally through programs that nurture the academic, creative, artistic, leadership abilities, and social/emotional needs of gifted, talented, and creative children.

Program and Services Overview

Intervention Education Plan (IEP) for gifted and talented students

Learning Support Team designs a customized IEP for the student to enrich his/ her exceptional skills.

Academic Program (Advanced Placement “AP Program”)

Each year, students around the world who want to learn and achieve at the highest level become AP students. Through AP's college-level courses and exams, students can earn college credit advanced placement, and stand out in the admissions process.

AHIS Extra-Curricular programs for Gifted and Talented Students

Mentoring Program: Gifted student has the option to either choose being a mentor to younger students; or having a volunteer mentor form community, parents, staff, teachers to develop his/ her capabilities.

Leadership Team: AHIS forms a team of students who have extraordinary leadership skills and allow them to learn and practice leadership initiatives through different departments such as, academic support, school discipline, management, media, and community outreach departments.

“AHIS Talents” Program

students with talent in the arts demonstrate special talents in visual art, music, dance, drama, or other related studies. These students receive special attention by involving them in unique programs and activities locally and internationally.

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