AHIS Curriculum

Our goals are attainable! At AHIS, we prepare students for higher education institutes. The educational facilities offered at our school ensure quality education in a positive environment. We teach good citizenship to help strengthen the student’s identity and ability to actively and positively participate in society.

High standards of morality are stressed. We constantly research new methods and resources in technology to assist in the development of quality, internationally recognized education.

A broad range of activities are introduced to promote written and oral communication skills, both Arabic and English language.

Throughout the year, students participate in research tasks, presentations, field trips, reading, spelling and writing competitions. Supplementary to the core curriculum is a rich array of options offered to students ranging from KG onwards.

AHIS courses include but are not limited to computers, health, art, music, drama, and physical education.

These classes are instructed by certified staff and are situated in rooms/labs tailored to the subject, insuring optimal instruction. These classes are essential in the enrichment and broadening of students’ self-confidence and creativity.

In an orderly, safe environment, students learn to develop skills and attitudes which builds a vital foundation for their future. A happy, secure atmosphere is created to build confidence and self-esteem. The philosophy of AHIS emphasizes on the importance of the student as an individual, thus adequate attention and detailed evaluation is provided through continuous assessment and reporting.

Children are assisted by their teachers to form healthy and productive work habits, ranging from organization to establishing regular study habits and homework routines. In earlier grades, these tasks will be minimal but regular. This process lays the foundation of good work habits which will prove useful with the increase of academic demands.

Let Al Hekma lead you to success!