American Curriculum School Bahrain

AHIS Evaluation
& Grading

Curriculums are designed to reflect performance standards driving the school toward a higher order of thinking and authentic assessment. We provide plenty of flexibility on how teachers approach their instruction; however, it is expected that they teach to the curriculum, tests, quizzes, class-work, homework, and projects are focused on the curriculum. We expect our students to learn the curriculum. Teachers are required to make every effort to ensure that students succeed in all of their courses.

Learning is measured and evaluated against the course objectives through daily participation in classroom activities, assignments, and homework. Teachers know when students are achieving by their daily work and homework. Students need to value the daily teaching and learning process, focus on instruction, learning activities and homework.

Students are evaluated regularly to determine if they have mastered the expected learning. Students are expected to demonstrate their performance and learning regularly. This benefits the student and the teacher.

Students then know what they need to improve on and the teacher knows what they have learned long before the final exam. The data collected in the ongoing daily classroom assessments allows the student and parents to make adjustments before it is too late.

The final examination is the summative assessment. This examination will cover material that has already been taught and learned. It measures the retention of learning. Alternative forms of assessment are taken into consideration as well in the grading system. Such forms of assessment include but are not limited to: presentations, research papers, projects, essays, activities, group work.

Test Taking Skills

Test taking is a skill, as well as one method to assess academic progress. Test-taking trains students in gauging time, making responsible choices, and understanding the expectations of test makers. Such practice prepares students for the inevitable testing to follow high school and most centrally in the college admissions process.

Standardized Testing

Standardized tests allow the school to compare the effectiveness of its educational programs against those of other fine schools and sometimes offer teachers insights about an individual student. Standardized tests are implemented annually. The school uses the MAPS standardized tests as well as AP, SAT, and TOEFL for high school students.

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