Admission Information

  1. Parents must complete the application attaching the following documents:
    • Copy of Student passport
    • Copy of parent passport
    • Copy of residency ID (CPR)
    • Copy of residency permit in passport (expats)
    • Copy of Student vaccination record
    • Student Birth Certificate
    • 1 photo
    • Transcripts for the past 2 years
    • Students applying from outside of Bahrain must attest last year report card from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Embassy of Bahrain, and then present these documents to Ministry of Education in Bahrain to receive an equivalency letter.
  2. Students must sit for entrance exams in English, Arabic, and Math. Non-Arabic speaking students will be exempted from the Arabic entrance exam.
  3. Students must attend an interview to determine eligibility for enrollment.
  4. Students are only allowed to submit one application form per year.
  5. The school reserves the right to terminate the registration or expel a student if he/she does not abide by the school rules and regulations.
  6. Any student who left the school, dismissed, or withdrew – is not allowed to re-apply. He/She should submit a re-entry application carrying his/her previous number.
  7. Acceptance or rejection of enrollment is at the sole discretion of the admission committee. Both interviews and entrance exams must be passed to be considered for admission.

Placement Assessments

AHIS admits students based on policies and regulating processes set by the school and MOE in Bahrain. Our placement assessments are designed to determine a student’s readiness for the AHIS program. Our assessments are conducted in English, however, students who are non-speakers or new to the language are assessed at the beginning of the academic year and placed at the proper academic level. Parents are encouraged to make sure that their child is well-rested and fed prior to the session as being tired or stressed or hungry can negatively affect their assessment.

The assessment process differs by grade level as indicated below:

Students are invited for an observational/practical assessment to determine school readiness. The sessions are generally conducted in small groups whenever possible, one-on-one as required, and last approximately 30 minutes. Students in the early childhood program must be potty trained.

Grade 1–5
Assessments are conducted on a one-to-one basis, encompass literacy and numeracy skills and last approximately one hour.

Grade 6–12
Assessments are conducted in an exam-type environment in which students work on their own through a standardized test that encompasses literacy and numeracy skills. The assessment can last up to two hours.

Withdrawal Policy

Students that are being withdrawn from AHIS must submit a notification of their withdrawal to the Registration Office by using the form found HERE..

A full semester notification period is required to ensure all necessary documents are ready (including Transfer Certificates if required) Additionally, Middle and High School students (Grade 6 – 12) must also submit a signed Final Checkout List as part of the withdrawal process (Please Refer to Registration Department).

General Information

  1. If a student needs to travel – The Administration should be informed in writing prior to the student’s departure from school. If the student is absent due to sickness, a medical report needs to be submitted.
  2. Unexcused absence by any student, affecting their academic performance will be the responsibility of the parents and not the school. 15% of unexcused absenteeism will result in zero credits for the subject.
  3. School uniform is mandatory. Otherwise, the student will be sent home and will not be accepted until he/she abides by this rule.
  4. Uniforms – (daily and sports) – are sold at the school. Anything similar to them or tailored outside the school is not accepted in order to maintain uniformity.
  5. A Disciplinary System is applied for morning delays.
  6. Expensive items are not allowed in the school i.e. jewelry, cellular phones, pagers …… etc. In case of loss or damage, the School Administration is not responsible. Cellular phones will be confiscated and returned at the end of the year.
  7. Students will not be allowed at school with visible body piercing, tattoos, colored hair dyes, heels, long nails, makeup, boys with long hair, and flip flops.
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