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AHIS Ramadan Iftar with orphans!

AHIS Ramadan Iftar with orphans!

Alhekma International School has organized the Iftar Event on Monday 28/5/2018 in collaboration with Sanabel Association for Orphan Care. The event included the performance of Maghrib prayer, a religious sermon, accompanied with religion, cultural and sports competitions as cherished by the orphans and the participants. Besides,AHIS students has participated in offering gifts and certificates to the orphans and a trophy to Sanabel Association for Orphan Care.
This IFTAR comes as part of the school's interest in enhancing the positive aspects and instilling the values of love and communication in the souls of orphans.

إفطار الأيتام الرمضاني في مدرسة الحكمة الدولية
أقامت مدرسة الحكمة الدولية إفطارا جماعيا يوم الاثنين 28/5/2018 ضم طلبتها مع الأطفال الأيتام من جمعية السنابل لرعاية الأيتام وقد تضمنت الفعالية أداء صلاة المغرب جماعة وموعظة دينية ومسابقات ثقافية ورياضية استمتع بها الأيتام وتفاعلوا ثم تم تقديم الهدايا العينية للايتام والشهادات ودرع شكر لجمعية السنابل. ويأتي هذا الإفطار ضمن اهتمام المدرسة بتنمية الجوانب الإيجابية عند طلبتها وزرع قيم المحبة و التواصل بإدخال السرور لنفوس الأطفال الايتام

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B.Y.E. (Bahrain Young Entrepreneurs

Al Hekma International B.Y.E. event 2018 meets great Success

The Business department at Al Hekma International School (AHIS) has organized a Bahrain Young Entrepreneurs (B.Y.E) event. The event took place on the 27th May, 2018 at the AHIS Auditorium.

AHIS’s grade 10 students have participated in the event. The class was divided into teams of 5 students each. Each group had to come up with a viable business idea and present a business plan for implementing it. The business proposals presented by the students were: 1. Iwaste, 2. Re-tyre, 3. Happy Homes, 4. Online Tailoring, and 5. Re-Drop. The students had to properly plan the factors of production and the cost involved in starting a company.

Judges were invited from various business organizations. Ms. Nancy Marquez and Ms. Ahleme Boudraa from BNP Paribas, and Ms. Noura Alzabie - Social Media Project Manager, Social Media Club Bahrain - were present along with Ms. Rima Kaissi the Development Director of AHIS.

The best business plan that won the first place was: Re-Tyre presented by: 1. Yousif Abdulla Ahmed Abduljalil, 2. Hisham Abdulwahab, 3. Isa Hasan Al Bounodha, 4. Khaled Adel Alammari.

The second place went to Happy Homes presented by: 1. Abrar Al Hermi, 2. Rahaf Alaa AlDin Mashal, 3. Fatima Fawzi Yousif, 4. Ahmed Ihab Katar.

The Third Place went to Iwaste presented by: 1. Hattan Abduldaim, 2. Salman Dashti, 3. Mary Elias Haddad, 4. Donya Ali AlRahma, 5. Yazin Alsiyabi, 6. Ali Khalil.

The event was a great success for the participating students as they had the chance to create and present comprehensive business plans for their ideas. In addition, they were awarded with certificates at the End of the Event. Further, two of the projects have secured reputable companies to sponsor them. Iwaste secured sponsorship from: 1. Venture Capital Bank, 2. Pet Arabia, and 3. Erog. Happy Homes secured sponsorship from 1.VLCC, 2. Lamya Clinic, and 3. Al Kindi Hospital.

The highlight of the event was that these students will get the opportunity to meet His Highness Shaikh Khalifa Bin Salman Al Khalifa, as well as the Judge Noura Alzabie agreed to sponsor and implement the Happy Homes project presented by the students.

Congratulations to all the winners and participants.

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Al-Hekma Graduation Ceremony 2018

Al-Hekma International School held its 23rd graduation ceremony on Wednesday, 10 May 2018. The ceremony took place on the school grounds where 15 of our finest students proudly received their American High School Diplomas. …Read More

A major achievement was attained by AHIS in #Let_us_innovate_future tournament

Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al-Khalifa, First Deputy President of the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports, President of Bahrain Athletics Association. Al Hekma International School participated in the first tournament in the Middle East, under the slogan of #Let_us_innovate_future with Artificial Intelligence. The tournament was organized by Polytechnic University, and Microsoft Company and HHSK Media Office, as one of His Highness initiatives in supporting students in the scientific field. …Read More

Core Values: The SHARKS Vision!

Core Values: The SHARKS Vision!

Al Hekma International School was holding the Elementary School Wide Event where the students performed a show entitled “Our core Values”.

Helping children to develop core values such as responsibility, collaboration and respect is considered just as important as teaching reading or Math at Al Hekma International School. Elementary teachers have worked so hard with our parents this academic year to instill those values and our students excelled on stage showing us what they have learnt about during the Elementary School Wide Event.

The ceremony took place in the Auditorium, on Thursday May the 12th at 11:00 a.m.

It was a great honor to have our Parents.  




قيمُنا  !


حرصًا منّا بمدرسة الحكمة الدولية على غرس القيم في نفوس طلبتنا اقامت المدرسةُ الحفلَ السنوي للمرحلة الابتدائية تحت عنوان : ( قيمُنا )

والذي من شأنه أن يعزز الكثيرَ من القيم مثل : الاحترام وتحمل المسؤولية والتعاون.

ولقد بذل المعلمون جهدًا كبيرًا في تدريب الطلبة حتى يخرجَ الحفلُ في أبهى صورة.

وعلى هذا فقد تشرفنا بحضور اهلنا الاعزاء للحفل السنوي، والذي اقيم في القاعة الكبري بالمدرسة وذلك يوم الخميس الموافق 12 إبريل في الساعة 11 صباحا.



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Victorian age Atmosphere at AHIS!

Victorian age Atmosphere at AHIS!

The Middle school students had excelled in playing their roles in Oliver Twist, the Middle School Play, performed on Tuesday, March 27th.
Students had participated vigorously delivering the Victorian age atmosphere in the English society while playing their roles in one of the English writer Charles Dickens’s masterpieces. All the Middle School students had attended together with many of the parents where all enjoyed the performance of the students, the authentic decorations together with songs of the story.  

مسرحية " أوليفر تويست "
لعب طلاب المرحلة الإعدادية أدوارا مميزة أثناء عرضهم لمسرحية " أوليفر تويست " احدى روائع " تشارلز ديكينز على مسرح المدرسة يوم الثلاثاء 27 مارس 2018 ، شارك الطلاب بقوة في تقديم جو العصر الفيكتوري في المجتمع الإنجليزي  ، وقد حضر جميع طلاب المرحلة المتوسطة مع مجموعة من أولياء الأمور  حيث استمتع الجميع بأداء الطلاب في العرض المسرحي والديكور والموسيقى وكل عناصر العمل .

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