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Health Information

AHIS has a no medication policy unless written instructions are received from the parents to the administration. AHIS has a health form that needs to be completed for all students registered in school. Please refer to the Registration Dept for more i  …Read More

School Timings SY 2009/2010

Open Sesame: 7:30 -1:45 (regular) AHIS (Grades 1-5): 7:30-1:45 AHIS (Grades 6-12): 7:30 – 1:50 …Read More

AHIS Uniforms

PE uniforms can only be worn on PE days. All other school days the students must be in correct uniform. If a student comes to school in the incorrect uniform he/she will be sent home or the correct uniform must be brought to school to wear …Read More

Middle States Association (MSA)

AHIS has been re-accredited K-12 involved in a re-accreditation process through the Middle States Association Accreditation. MSA accreditation is an ongoing process that allows schools to reflect on its policies and procedures and develop goals to h …Read More

Keeping Informed

In order to keep you informed, parents will receive a monthly parent newsletter highlighting school events that will occur during the month. We will continue to use our SMS text message to send you both emergency notifications and good news from AHIS …Read More

Did You Know That

Did you know that? 1. In a group of 23 people, at least two have the same birthday with the probability greater than 1/2 2. Much as with people, there are irrational, perfect, complex numbers 3. You are wrong if you think Mathematics is not fun 4 …Read More

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