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Yay! Its Bring your Bear Day.


And this year’s theme is “Hurt has no Home Here!” Spending your time hanging with your favorite bear can be an enjoyable way to spend a day, as it makes you feel that you are right on track for an adventure filled day with your favorite toy.

As part of our ongoing commitment to making AHIS a bully free zone we have a high focus on the anti-bullying principles throughout the year, and BYB day was a great opportunity for KG students to learn more about “Bullying” while enjoying the company of their favorite bears. It was an enjoyable fun day as all children got to spend the time with their bears and friends while involved in many activities that support this year’s theme “Hurt has no Home here!” They participated in many “Anti- bullying” plays, and activities and they enjoyed making drawings and writing journals with their friends and teachers to raise awareness.

Teddy Bears helped brighten up the day in KG Department and brought a feeling of celebration to the classrooms just by being there.

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