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Starting a New Chapter!


On Tuesday 28/05/2019 Grade 5 students attended their Promotion to MS Ceremony. The Ceremony started with a heartfelt message given by the Assistant Principal of Elementary section, Ms. Maya Harb, wishing her beloved students a successful transition to Middle School. Mr. Saeed, the social counselor, shared a presentation with the students on the main changes that will occur in their school life when moving to Middle School. Mr. Saeed took advantage of this opportunity to talk about emotional and physical changes that will also take place during adolescence. During the ceremony, Grade 5 students had the chance to ask G6 students about their experience in Middle School. The interview was an additional authentic opportunity for Grade 5 students to know about grade 6 from the perspective of students like themselves. The ceremony wrapped up with two songs performed by Grade 5 students; students had the opportunity to dress in formal clothes and received their certificates.

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