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Academic Controller's Message

Studies showed that Homework is essential for students to recap the learning that took place in class, practice further the concept taught and a great tool to evaluate students’ understanding of the lesson and the ability to apply independently with minimum guidance at home. Therefore, if a good routine is established at home the student will be able to achieve the purpose of the homework assigned by the teacher at school.
Please find below some valuable tips that will help the student to complete his/her homework independently at home:
-Upon returning home, the child must take an hour break where he/she can have a healthy lunch, then do an activity that doesn’t require a lot of concentration as he/she needs his/her full focus as when about to complete his/her homework due the next day.
-After his/her one hour break AHIS student is expected to go through his/her agenda. The agenda should be printed out and the homework assigned for the next day should be highlighted in a marker. Student is expected to read the homework assigned thoroughly to have a good understanding of what is required.
- Student must make sure that all the materials required for the homework are at his/her reach before starting the homework. That is why it is highly commendable to go through the agenda of the whole week during the weekend to make sure that all the materials needed for the homework are at the student’s reach the day before the homework is due.
-Student must complete the homework in a convenient ambiance: away from any kind of distraction such as the conversation of the rest of the family members and the noise of the TV.
-Student must complete his/her homework independently with minimum guidance at home. Parents should be there for the child to stress more on the instruction or to answer a simple question or to remind the child to stay on task and focused.
- If the student is finding major difficulties in completing the homework independently parents are kindly requested to inform the teacher through the parent/teacher communication book, in order for the teacher to revisit the concept taught again at school and for the child to have a full understanding of the concept which will lead him/her to complete the homework independently.
- According to AHIS policy, students are not expected to study more than one hour at home. However, we recognize that students have different abilities and whilst some students may complete all their homework in half an hour, some might take them around two hours to complete their assignments.
What to do if your child is a high achiever and homework don’t take more than half an hour of his/her time? And what to do if your child needs more than two hours to complete his/her homework? You will find the answers of those questions in my next message to my beloved students and esteemed parents.
Till then, eat healthy, sleep early, study hard, have lots of fun and always keep a smile on your face!
Thank you.

Best Regards,
Ms. Maya Harb
Elementary Academic Controller

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