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Catering and Food Services - English

AHIS provides healthy cafeteria style services for all grades and aims to provide our students the opportunity to learn independence in making good, healthy eating decisions.  There is a fee assigned for this service. Students are welcome to bring packed lunches or snack boxes to school as well.

Families can download the latest menu by clicking HERE.

Meal times:

Food and drinks are to be consumed in the playground during breaks or in the classroom if the weather requires it.

Students must take their food and drink with them when they go to break. Once PS- KG2 students outside, students are not to re-enter the school building unless accompanied by an assistant.

Students in grades 1 and above eat in fully supervised cafeteria during their break times. Students may purchase hot meals and drinks or choose from a selection salads and sandwiches as further options. Students are always welcome to bring in their own lunch from home.


Money and Cards

Students may purchase food from the cafeteria by using cash or our cashless card system. The cashless system is of particular benefit to parents of our younger students who often struggle with money.

Food Choices and our Nut-free Campus

Students nutrition and academic/social success are very closely linked so parents are encouraged to send their student to school with healthy food options. As such, students should not bring carbonated drinks or candy to school. We also request that foods with nuts and nut oils not be brought to school as we have several students with serious allergies that are life-threatening.

Important Instructions for students

1)              All students are encouraged to bring food that does not need to be re-heated as the school does not permit the use of microwaves. 

2)              No food or drinks are to be consumed in any other part of the building or on the school grounds without special permission from the office.

3)              Students are expected to do their part in keeping the cafeteria and school grounds in good order by:

a)      Maintaining their place in line

b)      Depositing all lunch litter in wastebaskets

c)      Leaving the table and floor in good condition for others

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