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Academic Controller's Message(Middle/High School)

Since we are close to the Holidays and students will be out of classes for about three weeks, it would be a good idea to keep students in the mood of education by dedicating about an hour daily to review materials, read, practice and work on the areas that you feel need improvement.
AlHekma International School identifies the importance of connecting classrooms and creating global citizens. Our aim is to help young people learn about global themes and become responsible global citizens, as well as giving them the skills to work in a worldwide economy. International Education offers global views and perspectives that enhance the education of students who are campus bound. In the global workforce, international education prepares students to work and live with greater success and purpose. International education helps us to see outside of our own lives and realize that many perspectives, talents and hues create a more interesting world. As part of the “connecting classrooms project” AHIS is continuing with the 2020 challenge participation where our students are partnered with students from the US to research a specific global problem and find solutions for it locally and internationally. In our favor to develop the leadership skills of our students, AHIS is inviting schools within Bahrain and from the Middle East and GCC countries to participate in the “Young Leadership Conference” initiated by AHIS and which offers topics from our daily life to try to come up with resolutions that will be discussed and debated.

Best Regards,
Dima Nahouli
MS/HS Academic Cntroller

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