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School bells are ringing loud! Vacation is over and School is back!


The first day of school is perhaps the most exciting memory that the students will carry in their little innocent hearts and souls throughout this academic year. Excited students with smiling faces and brand-new backpacks streamed onto the freshly painted playgrounds and classes. The students were warmly welcomed by the school’s principal, Mrs. Imene Oueslati, on their morning arrival. The atmosphere was exhilarating as the students’ bright eyes echoed their thirsty desire to learn and meet their teachers and friends after a long vacation. Students took part in a number of activities that were planned mainly to allow room for exploring Al Hekma International School’s mission statement, philosophy, and the expected learners’ profiles that we do target for a new successful academic year at the heart of such a leading school whose ultimate mission is to bloom fruitful sprouts of confident, motivated, lifelong learners.

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