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AHIS graduates are accepted and recognized by the most prestigious universities and colleges around the world.

For more than two decades AHIS alumni have been graduating with high self-confidence, eagerness to learn and having a strong sense of belonging which together prepare our alumni to go further with their aspirations and to be active individuals in their community.

AHIS is proud to be in contact with students and their parents after graduating which strengthens ties and that to provide them with full support and encouragement, even at the highest level of higher education. Our alumni had been taught not only courses and materials but also discipline, handling responsibilities with determination, participation, self-dependence, and morality; consequently, the creation of well-rounded and unique personalities.

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Being an AHIS student allowed me to meet people from all over the world, and make lifelong friends in a motivating and supporting environment. My amazing teachers helped me elevate my English language skills which benefited me later in the future.

Ahmed Ishaq AlkoohejiHead of the IT department Saudi Diesel Equipment Company DeVry’s Keller Graduate School of Management

Everything was unique in AHIS! Their activities were exciting and different from other schools; I was involved in several sports activities. The teachers were very friendly yet professional. I also proudly presented our batch’s graduation speech which was the highlight of my time at AHIS. I still remember the campus’s advanced facilities like the science lab and library.

Narmeen Nedham KhunjiHouse wife,
University of Bahrain

To me the most memorable part I experienced at AHIS was its culture; I’m still in contact with most of my friends from school who were like family to me. I was comfortable with AHIS’s curriculum, especially that the teachers were friendly and qualified. I remember I used to enjoy playing in the playground, although now I am sure they have changed it.

Ali Ebrahim Al KhalifaMOI
Plymouth University and Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

Over the last 35 years AHIS has graduated students who have been accepted into more than 80 universities across the USA, Canada, UK, the Middle East, GCC area and Bahrain. The emphasis on our students at the high school level is on preparing them for the future. A well balanced and strong curriculum ensures that students have the ability to have plenty of choices when considering a career. Preparation for standardized tests such as SAT, AP, and TOEFL are included in the program. It is vital for students to gain first-hand information on a wide range of careers, go through vocational learning by visiting workplaces, and attend seminars held on campus by professionals from various occupations.

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