AHIS is proudly affiliated and accredited by a variety of organizations one of which is UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization). Global UNESCO is just one of the many ways AHIS students are exposed to the important role of the international community.

A hands-on opportunity for students to participate in global projects on and off-campus is the Model United Nations (MUN) in which students are provided an opportunity to apply their unique individual abilities in a dynamic and exciting forum that emphasizes problem-solving, diplomacy, and global understanding. In the MUN program, students learn the process of negotiations, discussions, diplomacy, and lively debate which is the cornerstone of the United Nations activity.

During the program delegates are expected to research a specific country and relative global issues, write a policy statement and resolution, give an opening speech, participate in lobbying and be fully active in the debate process. Delegates learn the values of cooperation, reconciliation and how to deal with confrontation. Students who have successfully completed a BAHMUN experience can be justifiably proud of their accomplishments.