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20th November marks Universal Children’s Day, an occasion, according to the United Nations,
to promote and celebrate children’s rights. The aim of November 20 is to build a better world for
young people.
At Al Hekma International School, we have always promoted and cared for the welfare of the
children in our school, which will be the future face of the Kingdom.
Universal Children’s Day on November 20th saw some unique activities for children, by
children, in our school. The students took part either with a poem or a presentation and they
raised slogans representing their rights.
A group of students visited the Royal Charity Foundation for Orphans Care on Saturday
November 16th. The visit included several events and activities including sports and recreational
Another visit to Kayan Special Education Center was scheduled for Thursday, November 21st.
Our students enjoyed performing children’s songs and playing sports games with the center’s children.
The ES students celebrated the day during the assembly period where each student participated
in either a group song, a poem or a scene highlighting the event.

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