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KG & ELE Celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness

By October 14, 2020November 2nd, 2020News

As an effort to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer, AHIS devoted Wednesday, the 14th
October, to be ‘Think Pink Day’. To honor those brave individuals and to spread awareness, all KG/ES students and staff were encouraged to wear and accessorize in PINK.

It was an enjoyable fun day as In-person and remotely learning students were involved in many activities that support this occasion, they enjoyed making drawings and writing journals with their friends and teachers to raise awareness.

We were still able to have the community around supporting each other. Even if not all students were physically on campus and this community was created virtually, as the remote students partake in social distancing from their respective homes.

Students were aware that through research, awareness, education, and early detection, we will make a difference!

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