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Virtual ECE 2021

By June 10, 2021News

My Future Career!
The quote ‘Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.’ seems especially fitting after celebrating our Career Fair with Elementary 4th & 5th grades students.
Upper Elementary students enjoyed the opportunity to learn about multiple careers at the school’s annual Career Fair that was held virtually this year on Sunday May 30th.
Students researched their career choice in depth and prepared to present their findings to their teachers and classmates. many groups were engaged with our distinguished guest speakers this year in virtual sessions and dressed as their chosen occupation to provide a more realistic experience.
The experience was not only fun and fulfilling for the students, but our internal team and staff participating had a blast creating the exciting and interactive experience for each student.

We hope that students got a glimpse of the passion and hard work that it takes to keep a whole community healthy. And what a shining example they got during the fair!
For that ,we would like to extend our deep and utmost appreciation to all participants and guest speakers (Captain Ali Al Rahma, Captain Rashid Al Obaidli , General Directorate of Civil Defense – Mr. Junaid ,Head Coach of Winners Academy – Mrs. Nada Ahmed Fardan Senior Architect- Mr. Mohamed Faiqhi , Work Force Training & Development superintendent – Mr. Mohamed Isa, Manager Employee Relations and youth Development – Mrs. Sana Asad Artist – Dr. Ahmed Al Shaikh, Dentist – Mrs. Nadia Zaid Pro Makeup Artist Entrepreneur/Influencer-Mr. Amar Al Fardan- jeweler / Entrepreneur – Dr. Eman Hassan Janahi , Doctor – Ms. Ghofran Fadhil, Lawyer, Mr. Hussain Zainal, investment administration accounts manager)

Thank you to all companies who sent us their videos as well and supported us in making the first Virtual ECE Fair a great networking experience!

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