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Virtual STEAM Fair 2021

By June 10, 2021News

AHIS Virtual STEAM Fair!
AHIS students proved their abilities to be innovative and their desire to pursue the path of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) at the AHIS virtual STEAM Fair that was held during the month of April 2021. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to build their thinking skills, increase their knowledge, think creatively, use problem-solving, practise presentation skills, build confidence, work cooperatively with others, and experience the planning and follow through of their ideas to a completed project. It provides a chance to hypothesize, research, investigate, explore, experiment, and perhaps invent. Students explored topics that uniquely interest and excite them, fostering a love of learning and creativity! Primary students had the chance to have early exposure to the worlds of science, technology, engineering, and math, and to see role models of other students invested in learning and creativity and presenting their work.
Middle and high school students presented highly ingenious and unique projects under three main themes:
1. UN SDG (Sustainable Development Goals)
2. Astronomy
3. Empathy
Students created and designed projects to contribute finding ways to protect the planet, to learn and grow through service-learning projects and share their knowledge beyond classroom walls and celebrate UAE’s new space achievement.
This year we have invited to our fair distinguished guests: Mr.Raghunadha Babu ( Engineering Specialist , projects Directorate , EWA Bahrain) and Ms.Shaima Almeer ( Space Data Analyst , Bahrain National Space Science Agency). The guests gave a very positive feedback on the projects in general and highly commended on student’s presentation, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
Well done Sharks!

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