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World Environment Day 2021

By June 10, 2021News

World Environment Day with UN House!

AHIS always promotes lifelong education. Student Council and Social Studies department of AHIS organized the guest talk for the World Environment Day and World Ocean day on 6th June 2021.
AHIS hosted guest speakers from UN HOUSE
Ms. Etaf Chehade and Mr. Abdelmoneim.
It was an interactive session where students of grade 11 were enlightened about ecosystem restoration.
This year the focus of World Environment Day is preventing, halting, and reversing environmental damages to our ecosystem. The guest speakers stressed the importance of various ecosystem in Bahrain and students of grade 11 listed the ways in which these ecosystems can be revived.
As the Ecosystems are the life systems of the local community they have to initiate ways to protect it at the grass root level. Teaching children the significance of ecosystem and interdependence of human beings with nature is the first step in contributing to the protection of the Ecosystems. AHIS always takes the students from classrooms to community as they identify the students as part of wider community and future leaders. Thus one of our core values is to educate students responsibility towards Environment, which is the life support of all living things.

World Environment Day with GPIC!

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on June 5th. We in AHIS always strive to support the students to reach out to the community.
The Social Studies department along with student council arranged for the Guest talk for the students to motivate them to become responsible to the community. This is intern connected with one of your core value Responsibility and our school’s theme this year EMPATHY.
Every year students go to GPIC and get a hands on learning about environment awareness and protection This year we had Mr. Hussain Hassan Ali Salman Albana as the guest speaker.
Mr. Hussain promised to continue strong relationship between AHIS and GPIC now and in future, especially in the education of students by linking to the wider community. Providing lifelong Education is always the greatest wealth students can receive. AHIS always ensures to make the students lifelong learners and in still responsibility towards wider community.

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